Акция honor 20 fortnite

Смартфоны Honor 20 в Москве: выгодные цены, кредит, рассрочка, гарантия​! Купить Хонор 20 по тел.: 8 () Быстрая доставка по.

Скин Honor Wonder для фортнайт-код(Honor View 20) | — Мониторинг объявлений

Всем привет) Сегодня купил себе Хонор 20, хотел активировать этот Скин. Не получилось его Тема в разделе Fortnite создана пользователем /Саша/ 1 сен MMoRRoMM Кхм. Чекни когда заканчивается акция,мб вна2ре. К сожалению, акция honor 20 fortnite с получением экипировки для игры Fortnite уже завершена.

Пожалуйста, следите за обновлениями и выходом. Смартфоны Honor 20 получили эксклюзивную тему оформления Fortnite и беспроводной геймпад, а Honor 20 Pro еще и спецверсию.

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  2. I wanna watching knife collections and playstation generations collections

  3. Can u still get it in chapter 2 because I bought the phone yesterday and I cant get it please respond please

    1. @Seppe Hertveldt for me not I got a code tried to activate it but it shows that it already got redeemed Im so sad dont understand this

  4. Its finally here guys you can finally play remoteplay on all android phones and guess what yoh can also do it over mobile connection as well with this app that i am using if any body is interested take a look at my channel watch the video of the demonstration and download the link in my description

  5. I dont play but still i have honor view 20 and ir runs fortnite 60fpa būt the pro version 30????

  6. I dont know why but your videos are very relaxing with all the white background and gloves and all

  7. Hey Relaxing End, can u still get the Wonder skin on the Honor 20 phone in 2020? Reply back if u have a answer. Thanks. Keep up the great work.

  8. oof i bought the phone and i did not know that only the fastest can get it

  9. i just bought an Honor 20 Pro and I still have the code cause I stopped playing fornite. Im selling it btw

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  11. can someone help me, i just got a new honor 20 from eshop and when i go to gifts i dont see anywhere the wonder skin…. Thanks

  12. Am I the only one who thinks that the white table and the colors of the game hurt the eyes?

  13. الرجال صار ايمه كويس من كثر مايشغل فورت ع الجوالات الي سوا عليها انبوكسنق(:

  14. Guys who can help? There is a tablet with a Wonder skin, and when I go to the tab, there is no code

  15. Where did we go wrong… how did you become a full-time unboxing channel after being a god in the zombies community?

  16. Bro I already own the honor 20 pro and I installed fortnite but there is no wonder skin

    1. I have a code but it says that it already got redeemed bro 🙁 i claimed it on the 5th December.

  17. I Love fortnite, and i AM professional player with ping 40. Pls gift me code.

  18. people help what to do if I bought a new honor 20 in the store, go to wonder outfit and I just have a gray button to get?

  19. Hey i have an honor 20 and i cant get wonder skin îs write unable to recive data why ?

  20. Can i have the real relaxing account pls is my birthday don’t believe me pls watch my video info instagram:YoGhosTz