Alpaca брокер

Брокеры. Спрэды форекс alpaca брокеров · Котировки форекс alpaca брокеров · Forex Broker Swaps · Forex Broker Volume · Forex Broker Promotions. Открыл счет у данного брокера в мае года. Согласно моего тарифного плана комиссия за сделку должна была составлять % но не меньше.

Брокер без комиссии на американский рынок для не US-резидентов

Обзор Брокера Binarium Должны Выделять Средства Клиентов На Биткойны Какими Инструментами Можно Торговать? Осторожно! Брокер Binarium. Я голосую за IB (Интерактивные брокеры). Alpace alpaca брокер является бесплатным и имеет бесплатную интеграцию для подачи рыночных​.

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  1. Great Vid! Can you walk us though the TOS scanner setup using this strategy?

  2. I copied exactly your script but after hit apply it doesnt show the studies on the chart. Please advise.

  3. Supremely happy that someone is using this channel as intended and not as a marketing tool where the video is basically useless. 5 stars for honesty in helping your fellow investors achieve your outcomes!! I am now a subscriber.

  4. Thank you so much for the video! Gave me enough insight to start coming up with backtests for my strategies!

  5. It’s a known approach (you call it strategy but it’s not) that works only when the share bulls most of the time. If the market is mostly bearish you loose money

  6. Im looking to trade /ES futures. Is there a way to write up exit when a certain number of points are earned or lost? Ex, buy at cross, sell at 1 point

  7. What is the time frame for those moving averages (days,minutes,etc.)?
    What order type are those buy to open/sell to close commands (limit,market,etc)?
    As per the first question, what I mean is when using this strategy live, how do you go about setting a particular time frame to test?

  8. @Squirrel Trading good one, I have few question
    1- How to put from Start Date and to End Date for Back testing.
    2- What to do if it is cutting Down to issue a Short Order
    3- How to define a Stop Loss

  9. Hey , this is brilliant. Do you have the auto bot trading script yet for TOS? Im excited for it 😬. Please let me know.
    Thank you

  10. Is there anyway to add statistics to the backstrategy using thinkscript like win/loss rates, winners/losers in a row, etc.

  11. You might be on to something here?! Keep working on it! And also test with different time frames! And let us know what conclusion you come up with! 🙂

    1. Once you see its consistent and its automated you really got something!

  12. Is there any way you can make an Algo for the WilliamsAlligator. Buy when the Lips cross above Teeth and Sell when price crosses below Teeth? Ive been experimenting and cant seem to get it right.

  13. Thanks for the video. You seem a somewhat high-strung. Try to relax a bit. It might make things more pleasant for you and your viewers. Wish you all kinds of success. Take care.

  14. Hate to be a downer but the content is blatantly copied from
    Credit should be given.

  15. Hello, I am new at this, I am backtesting a strategy and did not know the floatingPL study! Its great.
    I have 2 questions: First FloatingPL works only if we add the function AddOrder to the code, doesnt it? And second, where do you specify that you buy 100 shares?

    1. AddOrder is the method that actually executes the orders when your strategy code = true. So its not directly tied to floatingPL but yes nothing will show in floatingPL if no orders are executed.

      As for the second question, 100 shares is just the default parameter within AddOrder, so you will always buy/sell 100 shares unless you specify the tradesize parameter

  16. TOS will not let me add your Algorithm. Am I missing a step that might not be in the video? Love what you are doing. Good job.

  17. How do I make one indicator the input of another. For example, I want to make input of the EMA the Linear regression curve with a length of 20 and the EMA with a period of 5. So basically EMA(LinReg(20)5)). Any idea on how to accomplish this?

  18. Sir thank you for the video. I would love to see you backtesting breakout on daily trading strategy.

  19. dude ive been following you since you started using F1TRADE and im getting so much value out of your videos, keep it up!

    1. Ive tested this trategy for the /MESM20 futures, do you know how to add a conditional of only buying only when both SMAs are above 200 SMA and selling only when both SMAs are below 200 SMA?

  20. Just viewed your video. Very nice work. By the way, if you havent already figured it out. To modify the amount of shares bought or sold add this to the script. AddOrder(OrderType.BUY_TO_OPEN, buy, close, 50, name = CrossoverBuy, tickcolor = Color.CYAN, arrowcolor = color.CYAN);

    1. You can also go to Studies -> Edit Studies -> (click) Global strategy settings… then select default trade size.

    2. Yeah! I have a scan that returns stocks that have moving average crosses that day

    3. @Squirrel Trading have you tried to create a scan based on this script?

  21. Another question: If you wanted to make a watchlist with actions and order them according to the ones that are most profitable, you can do it with this same code, but you have the problem of entering a time period (which does not happen in the graph). You know how to do it?

    1. @Squirrel Trading Sorry, what I meant is that if you use that strategy and put it on a watchlist to compare which stocks are more profitable, how would you apply a certain period of time (because that is automatic in a graph).

    2. Im not sure I 100% understand the question, but strategies run off of the specified time period that your chart is in. You can change the time scale on your charts and your strategy will auto adjust.

  22. Good info, can you back test a WMA (weighed moving avg) with a period of 39. Ive seen that this has proven good results and Id like your perspective.. Thx

  23. I like it…creating a winning trade bot.
    Lets fine tune it and implement to work.

  24. Nice video. To backtest a strategy dont you need to use OnDemand. Please explain. Also: Id be interested in seeing a strategy that use ATR and ATR Trailing Stop to exit positions. (see Chandelier Stop) Designed to protect profits and stay in trades for a longer term. Thanks

  25. once the study is applied does it buy and sell automatically or do you do the buy an sell yourself at the cross


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  28. If you never figured it out yet, to adjust the # of shares/contracts the steps are as follows:
    1) Studies
    2) Edit Studies…
    3) Global strategy settings… (bottom left corner)
    4) Adjust it how you want… you can show the floating PL with the strategy from those settings

  29. the setting of add order ,is it auto sent in order (entry n exit ) ? thanks

    1. AddOrder is a method that encompasses parameters to execute when the strategies are set to true.

      Essentially the AddOrder is what actually executes the trades where the codes tells them to.

  30. Didnt work. Nothing shows on my Chart. Copied everything exactly the same

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  32. Great video. Do you think this can be used as an indicator to trade on the 5 min chart?

    1. @Squirrel TradingThanks. How can I PM you? I want to send you something I found that you may find interesting.

    2. Ill run the strategy for 5 minutes and see how it works for avideo!

  33. I copied exactly what you have and think or swim 2nd and third line stays red cant figure it out why?
    Are you able to copy and paste strategy here.

    1. input shortMAlength = 9;
      input longMAlength = 20;

      def shortMA = simpleMovingAvg(Length = shortMAlength);
      def longMA = SimpleMovingAvg(Length = longMAlength);

      def buy = shortMA[1] < longMA[1]and shortMA > longMA;
      def sell = shortMA < longMA; addOrder(OrderType.BUY_TO_OPEN, buy, name = CrossoverBuy, tickColor = Color.GRAY, arrowColor = Color.GRAY); addOrder(OrderType.SELL_TO_CLOSE, sell, name = CrossoverExit, tickColor = Color.GREEN, arrowColor = Color.GREEN)

  34. Thanks! Did you say Think or Swim just has its own programming language ?

  35. Thanks for sharing man. I have also been trying to create a bot from fxdreema for Metatrader, but I do like the think or swim TD Ameritrade setup. Try HeikenAshi, been trying to figure out how to set that one up on Fxdreema.

  36. Please backtest buy when williams%R below 50 and sell when it above 50

  37. Great tutorial! One suggestion I might make (as a fellow coder, new to ThinkScript), is to #Add comments within the code.

  38. hello there, nice stuff , thanx, I wonder if this can be done on DMI_Reversal Alert?…

  39. You will get a lot of signals therefore a lot of executions. With free commissions this is a game changer. 👀

    1. Exactly! I think in a roth IRA, where you arent taxed on short term gains, this is absolutely the move.

  40. I wish your head on the left could talk to your head on the right 🙂 That would be a fun debate!

  41. Does the buy signal get generated as soon as a moving average crossover occurs (even though the trading day has not completed yet), or does thinkScript wait for the current session/candlestick to close, then checks if a moving average crossover occurred?

  42. I like what you have there but I dont want it to auto buy. How can I change that?

  43. This is the best Thinkorswim tutorial Ive seen yet. I want more of this!

  44. Love the video! I cant get mine to work though… I copied the code exactly. Any ideas for me?

  45. Hi,
    When I try to combine the two strategies cross up and cross down together, they give error, and not display buy/sell. Could you sent the combine code on yours Discord channel to HTL#9172? Much appreciate!!!

  46. This looks great but, I must tell you I have a significant problem. I cannot see charts with a black background well enough to follow or use the information being given. If you see my comment, please consider using a light background in TOS. There are others out there with a problem similar to mine — usually older folks, in comparison.

  47. How about a bounce off of the 20? Can you write this to show the back test when price pulls back to the 20 EMA, then crosses above the price of the previous bar???

    1. Good idea! Ill try to make a script for that. Could be a good daytrading one

  48. How about adding qualifiers?….Price is above 200 moving average AND the 9 ma crosses above the 20….etc…

  49. Great clip! Thank you, now if I can make it work. Anyone able to help write what I want to backtest?

  50. Isn’t doing automatic trades for shorting dangerous? If it gaps and misses the stop when you are long, the worst that can happen es a stock of $0.00, but in shorting, there is no loss limit

  51. Like the coding. You can adjust share size by accessing the global strategies settings at the bottom of the initial screen.

  52. Thank You for very helpful video that made it easy steps for me to start backtesting. I hope it will work as easy to test options trading as well.

  53. If your interested in coding another strategy it’s pretty similar to the one you have now just add a 200 day moving average and if the 9 crosses the the 20 going up above the 200 day average it’s a buy