Видео: Cowon S9 Screen Durability Test

Cowon S9 Unboxing via BooredAtWork

A quick unboxing of the New Cowon S9 by BooredAtWork.

Cowon S9 Shaking Function test

S9 Mp3 player`s new function that take a FF/REW Func. by shaking S9.

Cowon S9 Review HD [1of3] Main & Music UI

This part of the S9 series shows the main navigation as well as the music UI. Keep in mind that this is firmware version 2.05 and ...

Cowon S9 Review Part 1 - BWOne.com

Part 1 of my review of the Cowon S9 PMP http://www.bwone.com/2008/12/27/cowon-s9-review-part-1/ ...

Cowon O2PMP im SFT-Test

More at http://www.sftlive.de Mehr unter http://www.sftlive.de.

Cowon S9 UCI: Dark Evolution

This is a preview video of the UCI dark Evolution for the Cowon S9. Sorry for the bad quality, I had to use my digital camera to ...

Zune HD - Screen Durability Test

Scratch test done for the Zune HD. Corning Gorilla Glass is used for screen material. For the full review please visit ...

Samsung P3 UI Responsiveness VS Cowon S9

This video shows off how responsive the P3 is in terms of the touch UI. The P3 is also compared to the Cowon S9. Both of these ...

Cowon S9 Aero Ultimate 4.50 Final

May I introduce dnw's Aero Ultimate 4.50 Final Update! It's been a while since the last Aero Ultimate video and I thought I'd upload ...

COWON S9 movie play

COWON S9 movie play test with aspect change.

Cowon S9 16GB touch screen

Browsing through my Cowon S9 mp3 touch screen. Here is a few movies that I already downloaded into my Cowon S9. Sound ...

Samsung P3 Screen Durability Test

I made this video to show that you do not need to purchase a screen protector for the Samsung P3. The screen is given abuse ...

Cowon S9's screen vs iPod Touch

Showing off the AMOLED-screen of the Cowon S9 versus the LCD on the iPod Touch. The S9's screen just has to be seen in real ...

Zune 120 Screen Durability Test

In this video common household objects and attempt to scratch the Zune 120 screen. Also there is a bit of discussion on the ...

Cowon S9 Review Part 2 - BWOne.com

Part 2 of my Cowon S9 review which covers the new firmware on the device and and an overview of it.

COWON S9 Preview

The COWON S9 malfunctioned after battery was dead. It was used for six months.

Creative Zen X-Fi Screen Durability Test

Scratch test on the Creative Zen X-Fi. This video is complimentary to the other scratch tests found on anythingbutipod.com -it is not ...



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